All our cosmetic products are designed and manufactured in France. Our natural formulation laboratory is located in the French Cosmetic Valley, an hour away from Paris.

At Caudalie, we believe in cosmetics that are effective, natural, sustainable and sensorial.

We prioritise natural-origin, fair trade and/or environmentally friendly ingredients in accordance with our sustainable “Cosm-ethics” formulation charter.

As such, we are constantly improving these formulas to optimise their effectiveness and make them even more natural.

To preserve our formulas, we use ingredients authorised by Ecocert.

Not all Caudalie products are certified organic but Caudalie prioritises natural-origin and organic ingredients.
Caudalie has created its own strict and sustainable “Cosm-ethics” charter: you will not find any parabens, phenoxyethanol, phthalates, mineral oils, sodium laureth sulfate or animal-derived ingredients in our products. Caudalie is making its standards even higher by refraining from using over 27 undesirable ingredients.

To preserve our formulas, we use ingredients authorised by Ecocert, and always in minimal quantities.

Ever since it was founded, Caudalie has been against animal testing. None of our products or the ingredients we use are tested on animals, in accordance with European regulations. We use alternative methods to test our ingredients and finished products. 

That said, in China, where our products are distributed, authorities may impose random animal testing. We are of course committed to the abolition of this testing and our philosophy is to take action rather than criticise. This is why we fund the IIVS association, which is currently pressuring the Chinese government to practise alternative methods. IIVS is optimistic about the development of testing in China. You can find more information at www.IIVS.org.

In addition, we do not use animal-derived ingredients, with the exception of beehive products such as honey or beeswax.

Finally, since 2012, founder Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas have decided to donate 1% of Caudalie’s turnover to environmental associations for the protection of the planet, thus protecting millions of animals.

Find out about our commitments to the planet.

Most of our facial care products have been tested to demonstrate that they are non-comedogenic, which means that they do not promote the appearance of blackheads. These products have the words "non-comedogenic" on the package.

Our formulas have proven stability of more than 30 months.

By precaution principle, we do not recommend products with essential oils or non-rinced products with fragrance . Therefore this list of products not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding : the Beauty Elixir, the whole Vinopure range, the Purifying Mask, the Instant Detox Mask, the Vinergetic Overnight Detox Oil, the Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil, the Crush cabernet and the Contouring Concentrate.

If you have the slightest doubt, we recommend that you consult your doctor, who is best qualified to inform you. 

The vast majority of products are vegan because we do not use animal-derived ingredients. The only non-vegan products are those containing beeswax or honey, such as the Crushed Cabernet Scrub, French Kiss, Gentle conditioning Shampo, Lip Conditioner and the Gentle Buffing Cream.

Caudalie has not developed a specific range for babies (under 3) or children (from age 3 to teenagers). As a precaution, we prefer not to recommend that Caudalie products be used on children.

Certain Caudalie products have been specifically tested on sensitive skin to minimise the risk of reaction and soothe the most reactive skin.

We recommend the following products specifically tested on sensitive skin:

If your skin is very sensitive, we recommend that you consult your dermatologist before use.

Before being put on the market, all our products undergo numerous quality, tolerance and effectiveness tests under dermatological control, by an independent laboratory approved by the French Ministry of Health.