Fresh Fragrance Fleur de Vigne

50 ml


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Skin type : All skin types
Need : Fragrance
Key ingredients : Grapefruit, Mandarin, Cedar
Texture : Water
Use : At any time of the day
What is it ?
The Fleur de Vigne Fresh Fragrance is a fresh, light scented water, with energising notes of grapefruit, mandarin and cedar. Its trail is reminiscent of the early morning blooming of this lightly scented, fleeting flower. It is a flower keenly awaited, desired and celebrated like the promise of an extraordinary wine year.
Formula :
  • Vegan
  • 94% natural origin ingredients
  • No artificial colourings
Did you know ?
Inspired by Mathilde Thomas, each Caudalie Fresh Fragrance evokes a beautiful, sensory walk through the vines and the emotions it generates. Fleur de Vigne was specially created by the master perfumer Anne Flipo, interpreting the elusive scent of the vine flower that blooms in June, 110 days before the harvest.
  • Grapefruit : A tangy sparkling and fruity note.
  • Mandarin : A zesty, lemony and green note.
  • Cedar : A warm and woody note.

Full list of ingredients :


Spritz the Fleur de Vigne Fresh Fragrance on your skin or clothes at any time of the day.

Advice from our Vinotherapists:

To make your Fleur de Vigne fragrance last, apply the Fleur de Vigne Shower Gel under the shower, then spritz the Fresh Fragrance on the warm points of your body: wrists, elbows, neck. For even more intensity, spritz Fleur de Vigne Fresh Fragrance on your clothes before going out.

  • 1. What is the difference between a perfume and a fresh fragrance?

    There are several types of fragrance which have varying intensity according to their concentrations: perfume extract, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de Cologne and fresh fragrance. A fresh fragrance is not as concentrated as an eau de toilette. Its freshness and lightness stand out, making it easy to wear all day, and all year, even in summer.

  • 2. Do the Caudalie Fresh Fragrances stain clothes?

    No, we do not add colourings to our Fresh Fragrances. You can therefore spray them on your clothes without risking staining them.

  • 3. Does Caudalie offer other Fresh Fragrances?

    Yes, there is a large collection of Fresh Fragrances to suit your fragrance preferences: Thé des Vignes, Fleur de Vigne, Eau des Vignes, Rose de Vigne and Soleil des Vignes. Try them in your local Boutique SPA or point of sale.

  • 4. Is the Fleur de Vigne Fresh Fragrance suitable for men?

    Yes, our Fresh Fragrances suit men as well as women.

  • 5. Can you go out in the sun after spritzing the Fleur de Vigne Fresh Fragrance on your skin?

    No, it is not advised to go directly out in the sun after having spritzed the Fleur de Vigne Fresh Fragrance on the skin because it contains alcohol and essential oils that may be photosensitising.