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The Grape Hydration solution for sensitive skin

Tightness, redness, a dull complexion... Dry and fragile skin needs an extra dose of hydration.
Vinosource-Hydra comes to the rescue of sensitive skin, drawing its main active ingredients from the vine for hydrated skin, rich in moisture.

Choose natural hydration with the Grape Water Gel Moisturizer, a real splash of hydration for the skin.

+84% immediate hydration(1)

Enriched in organic prebiotic Grape Water™ and organic aloe vera, the Grape Water Gel Moisturizer works to strengthen the skin's barrier. Its silcone-free, super-fresh gel-cream texture leaves skin feeling soft and comfortable.

98% natural-origin ingredients



The Vinosource-Hydra collection

There’s an organic Grape Water™ natural hydration solution for every sensitive skin type

Complete your routine for intense hydration.

The star active ingredient for hydration:
Organic Grape Water™, natural and prebiotic

This plant water is extracted from organic grapes and has many properties for sensitive skin.
It is naturally rich in soothing trace elements, antioxidant Polyphenols and hydrating sugars, all of which are present in the Vinosource-Hydra formulas.

Serum vinosource hydra



Retains water at the core of cells and reduces redness associated with dryness.

Skin sensitivity decreased by 61%(2)
Hydration increased by 127%(3)

Serum vinosource hydra



Protects against free radicals responsible for skin ageing.

-56% free radicals(4)

Serum vinosource hydra



Strengthens and balances the skin microbiome for skin that looks healthier.

Clean and natural formulas

Clean & natural formulas

Labels Clean & natural formulas Vinosource Hydra

Eco-designed packaging

Eco design packaging vinosource hydra

All packaging in the Vinosource-Hydra collection is fully recyclable (excluding pumps and caps) and designed using recycled plastic and glass, aiming for zero waste(5).

Removing the plastic lid on the Serum means we have been able to reduce our plastic use by 0.64 tonnes(6).

The Overnight Recovery Oil no longer has an outer cardboard box meaning we can reduce paper consumption by 1.37 metric tons(6).

The Vinosource-Hydra SPA treatment


This targeted treatment uses fresh grapes to plump, soothe and energise all skin types, even the most sensitive.



All about hydration

Good hydration is the key to beautiful and plump skin. Whether your skin is dry or oily, it’s important to hydrate your skin daily to prevent premature skin ageing and loss of elasticity.

Learn everything there is to know about hydration!


The new Vinosource-Hydra range is now powered by prebiotic organic Grape Water* and offers a hydration solution for every type of sensitive skin. It includes 7 different products, starring a new Grape Water Gel Moisturizer that is ideal for normal to combination skin. The Serum is now even more sustainable with an on-off pump to avoid the need for a plastic cap. The Moisturizing Mask is enriched with repairing organic centella asiatica. The S.O.S Moisturizer now also exists in a 40ml tube format. Our Overnight Recovery Oil has been certified organic and is more sustainable too, removing all outer packaging.

We created the new Grape Water Gel Moisturizer to offer normal to combination skin a new ultra sensorial and immediate hydration solution. The Grape Water Gel Moisturizer offers a 84%* hydration surge and up to 24H hydration. Enriched in organic prebiotic grape water & moisturising aloe vera, it provides instant hydration for sensitive skin while repairing the skin’s moisture barrier. Its formula contains 98% natural-origin ingredients and is silicone-free. It indulges the skin with a refreshing and lightweight gel texture. The skin is left more comfortable and supple while the complexion appears fresher with no greasy finish. *Instrumental test. Corneometry after 30 min. 11 volunteers.

As with all Caudalie's repacked ranges, we have made a considerable effort to improve the sustainability of the Vinosource-Hydra packaging: - Serum: We removed the plastic cap from the bottle and saved 0,64t* plastic. The bottle is made of glass and is 100% recyclable. - Sorbet Moisturizer, S.O.S Intense Moisturizing Cream (tube), Moisturizing Mask: We kept our Post Consumer Recycled plastic tubes that are partly made of recycled plastic and are fully recyclable. - Grape Water Gel Moisturizer and S.O.S Intense Moisturizing Cream have a glass jar that is fully recyclable. - Overnight Recovery Oil: We removed the outer packaging which allowed us to save 0,80t* paper consumption and switched to a lighter brown glass bottle made of 43% recycled glass. With this new packaging, we are saving 2,5t** glass consumption. This bottle is 100% Recyclable. Vinosource-Hydra caps, pumps & pipettes can be brought back to a Caudalie Boutique SPA to be recycled by TerraCycle. We continue to look for 100% recyclable solutions. *According to internal estimation based on annual quantity. **Except pipette.

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(1)Instrumental assessment, corneometry after 30 min, 11 volunteers.
(2)Clinical test, tingling test, reduction in skin sensitivity, 20 volunteers.
(3)Instrumental assessment. Corneometry. 12 volunteers.
(4)In Vitro Test, DPPH (stabilised free radicals), reduction of free radicals.
(5)Where facilities are provided. Excluding multi-material pump dispensers and caps, which can only be recycled through Caudalie Boutique SPAs thanks to the Terracycle partnership.
(6)Internal estimate based on annual quantities.