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Chapter 1:
Caudalie revolutionises anti-ageing



Caudalie makes a major breakthrough in complete anti-ageing solutions with the new Premier Cru Serum.

Highly-concentrated with hyaluronic acid, it is the only product in the collection to incorporate the new Vinergy® complex.

This unique formula boosts effectiveness. The Serum revitalises the skin, correcting all signs of ageing and increasing the anti-wrinkle action of Premier Cru The Cream.

Serum + Cream = 7 times more effective against wrinkles than the cream alone(1)

After 7 days:

The skin was revitalised: 78%(2)

The skin appeared firmer: 80%(2)

Chapter 2:
An innovative, patented technology


Premier Cru is first and foremost a story…

Mathilde Thomas, founder

I created the Premier Cru collection with the inspiration of a great vintage wine from Bordeaux. Like vintage wines, Premier Cru is the result of spectacular expertise and meticulous attention to detail, continuously seeking perfection and flawless quality.

An innovative, patented technology

A 5-year partnership with Harvard Medical School

For the past 5 years, Caudalie has worked in partnership with Harvard Medical School and Genetics Professor Dr. David Sinclair. Nicknamed the “Guru of Longevity” by Time Magazine US, he is one of the world’s top anti-ageing specialists.

Dr. David Sinclair, Harvard Medical School

For the past 5 years, I have collaborated with Caudalie. Together, we've discovered a solution to counteract the diminishing energy metabolism of our cells over time, which is a key reason our skin ages.

Our ground-breaking discovery of Vinergy® helps to restore the cell’s mitochondrial mass and energy production, which in turn allows our cells to fight against ageing.

A new complex named Vinergy®

A new complex named Vinergy®

The observation

Cells struggle to regenerate the “components of youth”. And the older they get, the less they benefit from the active ingredients in anti-ageing skincare treatments.

The solution

A unique blend of Resveratrol from the vine and betain plant extract, the Vinergy® patented complex restores our cells' energy metabolism. Skin is revitalised and can benefit fully from the active ingredients in our anti-ageing creams.

Chapter 3:
The anti-ageing treatment with 4 patented ingredients

Vine Resveratrol
+ Hyaluronic Acid

Anti-wrinkle & firming

Patent n°PCT/IB2015/054257

Click for more
The combination of Resveratrol + micro hyaluronic acid complex acts in synergy to naturally stimulate hyaluronic acid production to lift and plump the skin. Click for less


Energy activator
& Efficacy booster

Patent n°PCT/IB2017/000703

Click for more
Restores the normal cellular energetic metabolism, reactivating the vital functions of the skin and correcting the signs of ageing. Click for less



Patent n°WO2011/128714

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These polyphenols provide the skin with unique antioxidant protection by stopping free radicals that cause skin ageing. They also have an anti-hyaluronidase property that preserves the hyaluronic acid naturally found in the skin. Click for less

Viniferine from
grapevine sap

Anti-dark spots & radiance

Patent n°WO2004/006881

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One of the most effective yet natural molecules that works against dark spots: 62 times more effective than vitamin C. It corrects and prevents pigmentation by regulating the tyrosinase activity and melanin formation. It helps stimulate microcirculation to brighten and even the complexion.
62 times more effective than vitamin C*, it is effective against all types of dark spots. Click for less

Chapter 4:
Good Housekeeping Reader Recommended

In a recent trial by Good Housekeeping Magazine, our new Premier Cru Serum gained the Reader Recommended" seal of approval."
See what they thought of the new Serum after using it for 8 weeks.
89% said the product left their skin rejuvenated, 92% said the product left their skin looking smoother, 88% said the product left their skin looking brighter

citation Christine, Age 52 from Dundee
I loved this product. It’s the best serum I have ever used. My skin looks amazing and much smoother. Christine

citation Denise, Age 61 from Brighton
My skin felt plumped, radiant and more youthful. Denise

citation Lisa, Age 47 from Lowestoft
Definitely the best serum I have ever used! Lisa

citation June, Age 61 from Eastbourne
I immediately noticed improved texture and softness from the very first use. June

citation Clare, Age 48 from Salisbury
My skin feels wonderful. Clare

citation Patricia, Age 68 from Barcombe
I've tried 3-4 different serums previously & haven’t found one that gave me the results I found with Caudalie's serum. Patricia

Chapter 5:
All Premier Cru Collection



The Serum

Energy activator
The Cream
All skin types
Tackles all
signs of ageing
The Rich Cream
For dry skin
Tackles all
signs of ageing
The Eye Cream

Target the eye
The Precious Oil

Boost comfort
and radiance

(1) Clinical test, skin relief, 50 women, average 58 y.o, twice daily application The Serum + The Cream, 28 days.

(2) Clinical test, % of satisfaction, 39 women, 7 days.