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Moisturize and soothe your skin

The Grape Hydration solution for sensitive skin

Tightness, redness, a dull complexion... Dry and fragile skin needs an extra dose of hydration.
Vinosource-Hydra comes to the rescue of sensitive skin, drawing its main active ingredients from the vine for hydrated skin, rich in moisture.

Choose natural hydration with the Grape Water Gel Moisturizer, a real splash of hydration for the skin.

+84% immediate hydration(1)

Enriched in organic prebiotic Grape Water and organic aloe vera, the Grape Water Gel Moisturizer works to strengthen the skin's barrier. Its silcone-free, super-fresh gel-cream texture leaves skin feeling soft and comfortable.

98% natural-origin ingredients


The Vinosource-Hydra collection

There’s an organic Grape Water natural hydration solution for every sensitive skin type

Sensitive skin Normal to combination
Sensitive skin Prone to redness

Complete your routine for intense hydration.

Vinoperfect Concentrated Brightening Glycolic EssenceVinoperfect Concentrated Brightening Glycolic Essence

Hydrate continuouslyS.O.S Hyaluronic Serum£30.00

Radiance Serum Complexion CorrectingRadiance Serum Complexion Correcting

Intensely nourishesOvernight Recovery Oil£30.00

Vinoperfect Instant Brightening MoisturizerVinoperfect Instant Brightening Moisturizer

Intensely moisturisesMoisturizing Mask£24.00


The star active ingredient for hydration:
Organic Grape Water, natural and prebiotic

This plant water is extracted from organic grapes and has many properties for sensitive skin.
It is naturally rich in soothing trace elements, antioxidant Polyphenols and hydrating sugars, all of which are present in the Vinosource-Hydra formulas.



Retains water at the core of cells and reduces redness associated with dryness.

Skin sensitivity decreased by 61%(2)
Hydration increased by 127%(3)



Protects against free radicals responsible for skin ageing.

-56% free radicals(4)



Strengthens and balances the skin microbiome for skin that looks healthier.

Clean and natural formulas

Clean & natural formulas



Eco-designed packaging


All packaging in the Vinosource-Hydra collection is fully recyclable (excluding pumps and caps) and designed using recycled plastic and glass, aiming for zero waste(5).

Removing the plastic lid on the Serum means we have been able to reduce our plastic use by 0.64 tonnes(6).

The Overnight Recovery Oil no longer has an outer cardboard box meaning we can reduce paper consumption by 1.37 metric tons(6).

The Vinosource-Hydra SPA treatment


This targeted treatment uses fresh grapes to plump, soothe and energise all skin types, even the most sensitive.



All about hydration

Good hydration is the key to beautiful and plump skin. Whether your skin is dry or oily, it’s important to hydrate your skin daily to prevent premature skin ageing and loss of elasticity.

Learn everything there is to know about hydration!



Yes, all The Vinosource-Hydra range is suitable for sensitive skin.
In addition, we selected sensitive skin-friendly ingredients in the Vinosource-Hydra range:
- Organic grape water: soothing, hydrating, antioxidant and prebiotic (all products except the Oil).
- Olive squalane: restores the skin's hydrolipidic film (Serum, S.O.S Cream, Gel Moisturizer, Mask).
- Chamomille extract: soothing (Sorbet Moisturizer).
- Centella Asiatica: protects & strenghtens the skin barrier function, soothing (Moisturizing Mask)

La collection Vinosource-Hydra est enrichie en eau de raisin™ bio, qui aide à reconstituer les réservoirs d'eau de la peau et à prévenir le dessèchement cutané. Également enrichis en Polyphénols de pépins de raisin ou en huile de pépins de raisin, les produits Vinosource-Hydra offrent une action anti-oxydante tout en respectant les peaux les plus sensibles.

A serum contains active ingredients that will take targeted action on specific skin concerns. A serum has a light texture that allows it to quickly penetrate deep into the skin. Applying a “layer” of serum followed by a cream will encourage a maximal hydrating and nourishing action in the skin. The serum can also boost the moisturising cream's activity (absorption of active ingredients) for faster, visible results.

The skin of the eye contour is very thin and fragile compared to the rest of the face. Its hydrolipid film is also finer. It is therefore much more sensitive to external aggressors. It is preferable not to apply creams containing fragrances or sunscreens to this area. In addition, the eye contour area has specific needs that are not met by a moisturising cream (dark circles, puffiness). We recommend using the Vine[Activ] eye cream in addition to the Vinosource-Hydra range.

Yes and No. It will really depends on your skin's needs. The Vinosource-Hydra range includes all the textures your skin needs to achieve ideal hydration regardless of your skin type or the season. Either you can use the same texture all day & night long, or you will be looking for a light non greasy texture allowing you to wear makeup during the day & a richer texture at night. For more nutrition at night, you can add a few drops of Overnight Recovery Oil to your daily moisturiser.

Dry skin, like oily skin, is a skin type. Dry skin is skin that lacks lipids because its sebaceous secretions – essential for its comfort – are insufficient. It is also affected by excessive TEWL (transepidermal water loss): this is why skin dryness is undeniably accompanied by dehydration.
Skin is diagnosed as "dry" when it is lacking comfort and suppleness and feels tight. Dehydrated skin, on the other hand, is a temporary state that all skin types (dry, normal, combination, oily) may experience. Dehydrated skin is skin lacking in water.

Dehydration is caused by excessive water evaporation, which may be linked to environmental factors (wind, humidity level, air conditioning, etc.), harsh beauty products, or endogenous factors (poor functioning of the epidermis, impairment of the hydrolipid film, etc.).

For combination skin, yes. We recommend using the Grape Water Gel Moisturizer. For oily & acne-prone skin, no. We recommend using the Vinopure range.

Rosacea is due to abnormal dilation of the blood vessels. Products containing polyphenols will be better suited to strengthening the vessel walls and thus restricting their dilation. Moisturizing Sorbet can be used because it soothes redness (reduces redness 77%) linked to skin irritation or over-sensitivity (external aggressors, allergens, stress, etc.).

(1)Instrumental assessment, corneometry after 30 min, 11 volunteers.
(2)Clinical test, tingling test, reduction in skin sensitivity, 20 volunteers.
(3)Instrumental assessment. Corneometry. 12 volunteers.
(4)In Vitro Test, DPPH (stabilised free radicals), reduction of free radicals.
(5)Where facilities are provided. Excluding multi-material pump dispensers and caps, which can only be recycled through Caudalie Boutique SPAs thanks to the Terracycle partnership.
(6)Internal estimate based on annual quantities.

7 Items

7 Items