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Teint Divin

Beauty Elixir

Refreshes complexion for instant radiance
£32.00 32.00
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A woman


Le 2/11/15

It goes, where I go.

I have to admit it took a while for me to warm up to this product. Ultimately, the price put me off. But after being given it as a gift over Christmas I began not only liking it but loving it and soon bought 2 more just so I had one at my desk and gym locker! It is super refreshing and snaps me out of a lull if looking at the computer screen for too long. I really do feel it helps keeps my sensitive skin hydrated as well as keeping the office smelling divine!


A woman


Le 9/9/14

Fantastic product !!!!

I cannot say enough about this product and like Veronica, I have become completely addicted to this product, also keeping a large bottle at work and a smaller size for when I’m out and about or travelling! It has become part of my morning routine is an instant skin boost throughout the day. Its’ light easily absorbed and has delightful refreshing scents which are divine! I recently went to a 4 day music festival and the product never left my bag. My skin feels clean, fresh and fantastic after a few spritzes. One of the best beauty products I have ever come across!!


A woman

younger than 25

Le 7/23/14


I absolutely love this product, it is really refreshing and I love how it sets my make-up instead of affecting it in any way. Definitely makes the skin glow, must have product!


A woman


Le 7/18/14

Totally addicted

I am absolutely addicted to this product! I keep one on my desk at work and I have a smaller size bottle which I carry around in my hand bag when I'm in the go. I love the essential oils, smell, and the way it wakes my skin up and gives it an instant boost. A fabulous product Caudalie!